Zebra Ultramarine

Zebra Ultramarine

Synth : Zebra 2 / ZebraHZ
Download size : 2.22 MB
Required Version : v2.8
Release Date : 20/11/2018

Zebra Ultramarine is the first MIDIssonance soundset for u-he Zebra 2.8, containing 120 cinematic patches.

Zebra Ultramarine explores the unique textural capabilities of amazing Zebra 2 and also takes advantage of its comprehensive and intuitive rhythmic engine and powerful oscillators, resulting in a versatile, instantly inspiring scoring collection. Some of the textures are so organic it’s hard to believe that there aren’t any samples involved.

While Zebra Ultramarine is primarily designed for scoring applications (Film, TV, Games, Trailers), it will also work great in other genres such as ambient, neoclassical or new age.

Patches are carefully programmed with detailed modulation capabilities, offering much more detail per every preset.

Soundset is comprised of:

50 Rhythmic (20 Arps, 15 Basslines, 15 Sequences)

40 Pads & Drones (15 Pads, 15 Textures Playable, 10 Textures Atmospheric)

30 Instruments (12 Leads, 12 Basses, 6 Acoustic)

For those who prefer the sound of ZebraHZ, there is Zebra Ultramarine adapted for ZebraHZ, taking advantage of probably the best software filters, Diva’s and polyphonic compressors. It’s available for additional €10 (€29.95 with Zebra Ultramarine).

NOTE: Due to stellar quality of Diva’s filters, ZebraHZ version can be quite CPU-intensive. To save processing power, switch filter quality to draft while playing and render in best quality.

To use Zebra Ultramarine, you need to have v2.8 installed. To install it, extract the Zebra Ultramarine folder and paste to:







For ZebraHZ, locate the ZebraHZ preset folder:


… MacHD/Library/Audio/Presets/u-he/ZebraHZ/

If you can’t locate Zebra 2 folders, in the browser right-click on ‘User’ and then select the option ‘reveal in Finder’ (macOS) or
‘open in Explorer’ (Windows).

Purchase Zebra Ultramarine for €19.95 (+ VAT in EU).


Zebra Ultramarine + ZebraHZ Ultramarine for €29.95 (+ VAT in EU).