Omnisphere Movado

Omnisphere Movado

Synth : Omnisphere 2
Download size : 6 MB
Required Version : v2.3.1
Release Date : 26/8/2017

Omnisphere Movado is soundset for Spectrasonics’ power synth Omnisphere 2, containing 128 cinematic patches. Omnisphere Movado is all about rhythm, drive and movement. Just like Kinejo, Movado takes the “hybrid” approach – patches are designed both with Omnisphere’s soundsources and 30 new unique sounding synth soundsources, carefully recorded and processed for use within Omnisphere’s powerful engine.

While Omnisphere 2 is not a full-blown sampler like Native Instruments Kontakt or UVI Workstation, its powerful import and processing capabilities allow for much creativity when using any soundsource, simple or complex. A rare Korg synth, Arturia MiniBrute and several other synthesizers were used in soundsource creation process. Patches are made with cinematic music in mind, but they’re also very suitable for electronic and ambient.

Ranging from calm and subtle to driving and thunderous, patches are designed to instantly spark new ideas and add movement to the existing ones out-of-the-box.

Patches are carefully programmed with detailed modulation capabilities, offering much more detail per every preset.

Soundset is comprised of 128 rhythmic patches:

32 Arps

32 Basslines

32 Sequences

32 Percussive

To use Omnisphere Movado, you need to have v2.3.1 installed (patch and software version). To install it, open Omnisphere 2 and from the Utility menu choose Install .omnisphere – see HERE.

Omnisphere Movado is available now for €19.95 (+ VAT in EU)