Everything Bundle

Everything Bundle

Synth : Omnisphere 2, Zebra 2
Download size : 2.07 GB
Release Date : 4/3/2020

Everything Bundle is a collection of top quality sounds produced for Omnisphere 2.6 and Zebra 2 – includes all of MIDIssonance soundsets for Omnisphere 2 and Zebra 2.


Included are:

Omnisphere Symmetry

Omnisphere Mondo

Omnisphere Signalo

Omnisphere Kinejo

Omnisphere Movado

Omnisphere Tajdo

Omnisphere Kubo

Zebra Ultramarine + ZebraHZ Ultramarine


Total number of patches: 1102
Total number of custom soundsources: 256


Patches by category:

ARP + BPM: 420
Basses: 54
Leads: 57
Textures: 232
Pads: 180
Playable instruments: 107
Impacts & Hits: 45
FX: 23

To use Omnisphere libraries, you need to have v2.6 installed (patch and software version). To install it, open Omnisphere 2 and from the Utility menu choose Install .omnisphere – see HERE.

To use Zebra libraries, you need to have v2.8 installed. To install it, extract the Zebra Ultramarine folder and paste to:







For ZebraHZ, locate the ZebraHZ preset folder:


… MacHD/Library/Audio/Presets/u-he/ZebraHZ/

If you can’t locate Zebra 2 folders, in the browser right-click on ‘User’ and then select the option ‘reveal in Finder’ (macOS) or
‘open in Explorer’ (Windows).

Everything Bundle is available now for €109.95 (+ VAT )